A Best Dating App Named CougarD

CougarD is a cougar hook up dating app known by people from all over the world. It is popular among the older women and young men. If you like sugar momma, then cougarD is your best choice. In this cougar hook up dating app you can meet sugar momma from all over the world who have different styles. This older women dating platform is a perfect dating place for young men and older women. Many older women are busy in their work, and some have to take care of the family. When they are tired, they like to come to the older women dating platform to flirt with young men, so that they can relax themselves and they can find a suitable young man to hook up. Dating with a young man can make the older woman feel young and energetic. The young man can also find the sugar momma who has a strong economic strength or the older woman with superb skills as his cougar dating partner. So, this is a perfect cougar dating platform that makes both parties reciprocal.

In addition to the above advantages, CougarD is an easy-to-use mature dating app, which is why many people choose it - with sophisticated features and simple operations.

Let's take a look at some of the stunning features of CougarD.

1: Meet

Meet is the first feature of CougarD. The function of this feature is to determine the potential older woman you like by sliding the photo to the left or right. When you see a photo recommended by the system, if you like this person, then slide right. If you don't like this person, then slide left. Though the photo in Meet you can see where this person comes from and how far he or she is from you. There is a filter button in the upper right corner of the Meet, where you can choose the age range of the date, and you can use the location, body type, ethnicity, eye color or hair color to accurately screen your potential older woman.

2: Messages

Messages, as its name implies, is a feature that specifically sends text messages. Here you can learn more about your sugar momma through chat. You can learn about each other's interests and you can also flirt by sending some interesting photos.

3: Moments

Moments is the third feature of cougar D. Here you can send some interesting pictures to show what you are doing, for example, you are playing basketball, you are climbing, you are eating a big meal, and so on. Moments is used to showcase your life's fun. When your friends see it, they will leave a message for you or give you a compliment.

4: Connections

Connections is a feature that you can see who you have viewed and who have viewed you.

5: History

History is a feature that records the people you liked and who you liked. Here you can also see the cougar dating partners who have matched with you.